EXANTE Triumphs at the Wealth and Finance International Fund Awards 2023

EXANTE Triumphs at the Wealth and Finance International Fund Awards 2023

EXANTE has received its seventh accolade for the year, securing a win for ‘Most Innovative Global Trading Platform’ at the Wealth and Finance International Fund Awards 2023.

Designed to showcase the best of the Portfolio and Asset Management industry, the awards highlight the companies breaking new ground in the market. In particular, those who emphasise transparency and have a long-standing reputation for excellent customer service. 

At EXANTE, we’re committed to always providing our clients with both, and more. Our platform goes above and beyond by offering direct market access to global exchanges with a range of bespoke solutions. This is particularly appealing to organisations looking to diversify their portfolios and maximise their investments. 

We are delighted to be formally recognised as an innovator in the field. Our team is committed to offering the best user experience on the market through access to real-time market data, the latest insights and high-touch support every step of the way.

This year marks the ninth edition of Wealth and Finance International's Fund Awards. Nominees were selected from all over the world, with winners vetted by a panel of experts following extensive research and rigorous fact-checking.

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