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EXANTE is a European investment services company established in 2011 that offers global multi-asset financial services, including direct access to a wide range of financial markets in the US, European Union and Asia-Pacific.


EXANTE is licensed by two European authorities (MFSA and CySEC) to provide financial services to retail and corporate clients, including trading and investment.


EXANTE provides online trading access to over 50 markets worldwide. We offer both individual and corporate services with vast growth opportunities.


Dynamic trading tools, extensive IT infrastructure with over 400 servers make EXANTE a powerful industry leader. We are self-made, which means flexible: contact us for tailored solutions if you renounce limitations for your business.


EXANTE team is made up of more than 250 IT and finance specialists from all over the world, each contributing their own expertise to provide the highest quality of service available.

EXANTE is not some abstract digital entity made up of redesigned ideas from other people. It’s something that we created ourselves and maintain and perfect every single day. It is something we use ourselves — not because we own it, but because it is the only platform out there that works the way professional traders want to work.

Patrick O'Brien


We are a team of professionals who are committed to the constant development of our business and our skills to stay on top of the changing financial landscape.

Mr Janis Kivkulis

Sales & Business development (Western Europe)

Janis oversees our Western European line of sales business. Before joining EXANTE, he worked at Parex Bank and Baltikums Bank —heading a number of departments and representative offices there.

Mr Guntars Pupelis

Sales & Business development (Europe & CIS)

Guntars is the Sales Director responsible for our daily operations and strategy in Europe & CIS region. He has extensive experience in sales and business partnership management gained through employment at various investment companies.

Mr Bruno Cakans

Finance & Audit

Bruno is the Chief Financial Officer of EXANTE. Bruno works closely with our auditing team at KPMG in making sure all reports are accurate and fully coherent with all regulations.

Mr Dainis Rozenfelds

Wealth management

Dainis has an MBA degree from Riseba University in Latvia amongst other academic qualifications. Apart from running his own business, throughout the last 10 years he has also been involved in the wealth management services for HNWI as a Senior Wealth Manager.

Ms Marina Zaremba

Customer risk & Compliance

Marina holds a Master's degree in Economics and Management from the State University of Latvia. She started her career in JSC Rietumu Bank being responsible for AML programs' implementation. Marina is certified in Anti-Money laundering by ACAMS.

Mr Patrick O'Brien

Communications & Business relations

Patrick is a prominent journalist and a weekly contributor to the most distinguished magazines in Malta. He is responsible for EXANTE's Communication Department which oversees business relations, content and partnerships.

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