Welcome to Macro Insights #23. This week markets were on edge as equities and bonds had their worst monthly selloff in over a decade while all eyes remained  focused on the US Federal Reserve rate rise decision. 

Welcome to Monthly Macro Insights for April 2022. China's COVID-19 closures and the threat of a growth slowdown, the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and Europe’s energy crisis as supplies from Russia are cut, and fears of aggressive US Federal Reserve tightening continued to dampen risk appetite and lifted the dollar to new two-year highs in April.

Welcome to Macro Insights #22. This week markets tried to focus on the reporting season while worrying about the pace of the Fed’s manoeuvres being accelerated and a more negative global growth forecast from the IMF did little to cheer investors.

Welcome to Macro Insights #21. This week markets continued to react to a hawkish Fed, rising stagflation risks in the UK, Covid closures in China, and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. 

Welcome to our First quarter 2022 Quarterly Macro Insights. We look at what has happened in the world of global economics and finance over the past quarter and what events and actions may affect markets over the  next few months.

Welcome to Macro Monthly Insights for March 2022. Investors have spent the month trying to get their respective heads around the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the wider impact it is having on geopolitical relationships and trade, surging commodity prices, and the response of different central banks to inflationary pressures.

Welcome to Macro Insights #20. This week markets shifted once again as investors weighed the growing certainty of rising rates and the greater impact of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis  on consumer demand and production vs the economy’s strength and resilience.

Welcome to Macro Insights #19. This week markets remained extremely volatile as all eyes were on what was happening in Ukraine in terms of possible peace negotiations with Russia and the US Federal Reserve in terms of how fast they envisaged the depth and pace of rate hikes through 2022.

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EXANTE donates $1m to support children Ukraine

EXANTE has donated $1 million to UNICEF’s emergency response to support vulnerable children and families impacted by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and those who’ve fled to neighbouring countries.