Welcome to Macro Insights #9. Over the past week, US markets reacted to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell re-appoint for a second term with the S&P 500 dropping before rising slightly towards the end of the week, the dollar rose as expectations of rate hike taking place by June 2022 became more entrenched based on initial jobless claims falling to a 52 year low.

Welcome to Macro Insights #8. Over the past week we’ve seen US stock market indices fall as the reality that inflation may hit the economic recovery harder than expected and that the Fed may need to take more action sooner than expected is sinking in. 

Welcome to Macro Insights #7. Over the past week we’ve seen US treasuries fall then rally as the higher than expected US CPI at 6.2%, above the expected 5.8% and the highest since 1990, led to US stock markets closing lower after 19 weeks of highs.

Over the past week markets continued to confound. In the curious case of why markets aren’t having a textbook reaction to slowing growth and higher inflation, the S&P and Nasdaq reached new highs on Wednesday. The only explanation can be a series of above expected corporate earnings and that supply-chain disruptions and labour and raw material shortages will be resolved by early 2022 as (or rather, if) Covid and its variants recede with increased vaccinations and no new variants emerging.

Welcome to the 5th in our Macro Insights series. Over the last week we’ve seen flatter treasury yields emerging as concerns over the speed of growth due to labour and supply constraints continue.

EXANTE's co-founder and cryptocurrecy expert, Anatoliy Knyazev, makes his predictions whether cashless system will work for the Singapore's society. 

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