EXANTE was named the best trading and investment solution provider in the UK

EXANTE was named the best trading and investment solution provider in the UK

EXANTE has received three awards from Gazet International Magazine: 'Best Trading and investment solution provider UK 2023', 'Fastest growing multi-asset broker UK 2023', and 'Most sustainable investment company UK 2023'. 

EXANTE expands its business in a conscious and sustainable fashion, and we are grateful for the simultaneous recognition of our sustainability efforts and growth ambition. These awards represent the achievement of a great milestone as we make further inroads into the UK market.

With more than a million unique visitors every year, Gazet International Magazine is a platform that surveys the latest trends in finance, as well as lifestyle and business stories.

Gazet International Magazine has over a million readers and its awards recognise global organisations for their achievements in the fields of banking and financial solutions. Winners will be celebrated at the Gazet Award Ceremony.

Learn more at https://gazetinternational.com/awards.

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