EXANTE attends Bizon Business Conference in Berlin

EXANTE attends Bizon Business Conference in Berlin

EXANTE is pleased to attend the highly anticipated Bizon Business Conference in Berlin between March 8-10. 

The Bizon Business Conference is a unique forum that draws together more than 500 entrepreneurs from a range of industries. Geared towards small, medium and large businesses, this event offers a prime opportunity for robust networking among European business leaders. 

Attendees of the event are entitled to a row of benefits, including invaluable networking opportunities, interactions with like-minded professionals. Moreover, participants will have access to enriching workshops, providing them with the platform to apply theoretical knowledge, exchange insights with peers, and enhance their expertise in specific domains.

With a focus on fostering strong connections, the Bizon Business Conference boasts an impressive lineup of 100+  business owners with noteworthy accomplishments in the European business landscape. Notably, the average business turnover of Bizon Club participants exceeds 10 million euro.

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