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EXANTE is a next generation investment company that aims to give its clients access to a broad range of financial instruments and markets.


Our aim is to design, produce and support cutting-edge infrastructure for greater financial market accessibility and pricing transparency.


We believe in liberal financial markets. Our vision is to become a benchmark for transparency and market accessibility in the financial intermediary sector.

Company Profile

EXANTE Limited was founded in March 2011. Its headquarters are located in Malta and it holds a Category 2 Investment Services Licence issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Our Members

Everyone who qualifies as an EXANTE client can benefit from broad market accessibility, advantageous execution technology, accessible financing and support from EXANTE's investment team. Our clients are professional investors, investment service companies, brokerage companies, asset management companies, hedge funds and monetary financial institutions.

Moral Hazard

A moral hazard in the financial service industry appears when a financial intermediary designs a business model which offers incentives at the expense of customers who have limited protection or are not even aware of the risks involved. Our business model clearly eliminates any kind of moral hazard incentives, as our Technology Sharing Program (TSP) is designed for optimal transparency. We are confident that in the long run this strategy is the most sustainable.

EXANTE is a broker for professionals. Direct access to over 50 financial markets through one account.
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