Get raw trade data or OHLC aggregated candles
Access any financial instrument available in the platform
Place new orders or change the existing ones
Integrate with your back office and trading systems
Track orders execution

Price alerts bot

Check out the EXANTE Markets Bot in Telegram! It provides access to quotes, charts and price alerts for 1,000,000+ financial instruments in 50+ markets. The bot works for both group and private chats.

Market stickers

A fan of stickers? Add the EXANTE Stickers in Telegram to share prices of financial instruments and cryptocurrencies. Stickers update in near real-time so when you send them you see the current asset price.

Exchange rates bot

Set up your currency preferences and follow their live dynamics in a smart bot. Add signals so you can get a notification whenever the currency hits the desired figure.

Integrate the API in a few easy steps

Proceed to the Integration Guidelines: from creating a demo app to requests and finalisation!
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