EXANTE Adds 10,000 Directly Actionable Bonds on the Platform

EXANTE Adds 10,000 Directly Actionable Bonds on the Platform

EXANTE has added over 10,000 bonds to its offering and unlocked essential data on fixed income instruments. Live free quotes are now available right from EXANTE’s Bond Screener. We have eliminated the need to check at Bloomberg first, make interim phone calls or write extra emails to negotiate and fix the rates.

Our clients can now place bond orders in a single click or send a direct request to Trade Desk from the EXANTE terminal. By removing the extra communication layer, we enable traders to save time and curb the possible spreads.

Why trade bonds with EXANTE?

  • Monitor the market immediately in your broker interface
  • Tap into the highly scalable and actionable portfolio, including exotic instruments
  • Get fixed quotes for a wide range of bonds
  • Access high-yield private placement bonds, margin trading and hedging

Our bonds mission is to outperform banks and brokers on pricing availability and execution through the innovative rate matching engine and reliable DMA counterparties.

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