EXANTE Picks Up Digital Investment Company Award 2020 for the Best Community Outreach

EXANTE Picks Up Digital Investment Company Award 2020 for the Best Community Outreach

Following multiple ‘Best Platform’ awards that do justice to EXANTE’s trade desk, finance and R&D, we now gained recognition for our web and social media presence. The panel of judges at Digital Investment Company Awards honored the EXANTE Marketing, CX and Support with a shiny new prize.

The 21st century is the time of personal media. The aim of the award is to encourage and celebrate investment companies who pursue excellence in their digital outreach activities and put the community at the heart of their business.

The Committee comprises seven globally recognised professionals and academics in the fields of digital marketing, fintech and customer experience. The group of experts selected EXANTE out of 12 nominees short-listed as efficient social community builders.

EXANTE runs a website and renders 24/7 support in nine languages. To protect visitors and clients’ data, we removed non-essential cookies from the sites and provided users with an informed choice. Focusing on privacy, we also value personal service, ensuring a dedicated account manager for every client and immediate customer care.

We cater to a growing Facebook community posting daily updates on the market stance, EXANTE platform and people behind the trading tech. #WeAreExante series on social media unveils exceptional talents who contribute to the company’s day-to-day operations. #WomenOfExante celebrates all-star female employees who make a difference at EXANTE. Ping us on Facebook for any queries and suggestions!

For EXANTE market analytics, follow our Telegram channel ‘Antihype on money’. In ‘Antihype’, we separate the wheat from the chaff, unravelling the facts behind finance rumours. Sign up for the channel for daily quotes, politics and economy, rallies and slumps across the US, Europe, Asia and beyond.

The EXANTE Team consistently delivers relevant content, information and support to our vibrant social community and cheers on the latest digital presence accolade!


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