EXANTE Expands Its Global IT Infrastructure to 750+ Distributed Servers

EXANTE Expands Its Global IT Infrastructure to 750+ Distributed Servers

Established in 2011, international broker EXANTE has built its trading platform and IT infrastructure from scratch.

The platform provides direct market access to over 50 markets and 300,000 financial instruments out of the box. As of October 2020, our infrastructure spans 750+ servers distributed across 10+ locations in the immediate vicinity of global trading centres.

We’ve nearly doubled the network from 400+ servers in the past two years, ensuring even faster data delivery and ultra-low latencies.

We commit to trading continuity and uninterrupted live quotes. Our fault-tolerant infrastructure is designed to survive force majeure and single or multiple server failures.

EXANTE now runs a collocation infrastructure in Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore and other financial hubs.

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