Bolsa de Madrid

Bolsa de Madrid

A wide variety of markets at hand is one of the most valuable advantages of EXANTE. Our clients enjoy access to over two dozens of different stock exchanges all around the globe. Some of them prefer to trade on the conventional markets, the others opt for diversification and choose less popular ones — the most convenient for both of these client groups is that they access any markets of their choice from a single account, which is definitely an important advantage of our service model.

Today we will make a short overview of Bolsa de Madrid — Madrid Stock Exchange — and some of the companies listed on this market (you can trade their stocks in EXANTE terminal as of late.)

Bolsa de Madrid is the largest among the four Spanish stock exchanges. It is also most internationally-oriented, with stocks, convertible bonds and fixed-income securities traded purely online. The state of this market is reflected by the Madrid Stock Exchange General Index (IGBM) and the IBEX 35, a weighted market capitalization index that comprises 35 most liquid Spanish stocks, most of which are traded on Bolsa de Madrid.


Bolsa de Madrid, just as the other three Spanish exchanges, is owned by Bolsas y Mercados (BME), which is, in its turn, listed in the IBEX 35 index. The latter is developing quite intensively: for instance, in February it acquired securities information provider Infobolsa from Deutsche Boerse for €8.2 million in cash.

Latest reports show that the equity trading volume on the joint Spanish stock exchange in April came in at €78 billion, while the overall number of trades in the first four months of 2016 reached 20.2 million.

Thanks to the recent deal of BME with BSO Network Solutions as of mid-April 2016, the latencies on key routes decreased, e.g. to 23.6ms from Madrid to Frankfurt, and to 102ms from Madrid to Chicago, so Spanish Stock Exchange is definitely concerned about improving its visibility and liquidity.


The companies that attracted our attention today are Ercros SA (ECR.BM) and Amadeus IT Holding SA (AMS.BM). Both of them have recently been added for trading in our terminal, and they are both showing solid stock price growth after the minimums reached at the end of the year.

Ercros is the Spanish innovator in the field of basic chemicals production: founded in 1989, it was the first company that represented this industry in Spain. Nowadays, it employs over 1,300 people and exports almost 49% of its produce. At the moment, the company produces not only basics, but also plastics, intermediate chemicals and even raw materials for pharmaceuticals to fight high cholesterol, ulcer and fungi. The company’s stocks drowned in January to as low as 0.471 euro, but have by now recovered to the initial level, 0.665 euro, and are likely to continue growing.


Amadeus IT Holding SA is a parent company of the successful international group that provides iT services to travel agencies and more. The group has been announced the largest provider of global distribution services, and it has the power to continue. In February 2016, the company’s stock price reached its local minimum and is currently growing, but in the long run, the prices are quite unstable, balancing between 34 and 42 euro per stock for the last 1.5 years.

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