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EXANTE updates its Option Board, Account Summary and Quote Monitor modules
EXANTE updates its Option Board, Account Summary and Quote Monitor modules


We are pleased to announce that last week brought several updates that touched Option Board, Quote Monitor and Account Summary modules of EXANTE ATP.

Option Board

You can now view option data built-in in the bottom of the Option Board. This data includes the name of the underlying asset of the option, its expiration date and expected price.

Account Summary

The Account Summary module has had some minor changes as well:

  • You can now observe subtotal data added under each instrument group in Account Summary
  • The currency codes have been changed to currency symbols in the Account Summary table fields

Quote Monitor

Several new columns have been added to Quote Monitor, including:  “Limit Up”, “Limit Down”, “Last Session Close” and “Session Open”.

To add those columns, click on the upper right corner of the module and chose the one from the list you would like to see.

Limit Down - the maximum amount by which the price of an instrument may decline in one trading day. The limit is generally set as a percentage of the market price of the futures or stock, and occasionally as a dollar amount. These limits were introduced to counter unusual market volatility and prevent panic-driven selling.

Limit Up - the maximum amount by which the price of an instrument may advance in one trading day. Limit up refers to when a futures contract will have a maximum threshold in order to ensure that large unexpected or potentially catastrophic events do not push a contract's price into levels of irrational valuation based upon investor panic or manipulation.

Last Session Close - shows the final price at which a security is traded on a given trading day. The closing price represents the most up-to-date valuation of a security until trading commences again on the next trading day.

Session Open - shows the price at which a security first trades upon the opening of an exchange on a given trading day. A security's opening price is an important marker for that day's trading activity, especially for those interested in measuring short-term results, such as day traders. Additionally, securities, which experience very large intra-day gains and losses, will have those swings measured relative to their opening price for the day.

Please note: information provided in those columns is valid only for a limited number of financial instruments.

As always, we gladly welcome your comments, suggestions! Please feel free to reach us by phone +356 2015 0000 or via support@exante.eu anytime as our professional customer support is at your disposal 24/7.

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