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EXANTE releases Multiple Option Board tabs
EXANTE releases Multiple Option Board tabs


This week EXANTE released two trading platform updates that include Multiple Option Board tabs and ability to adjust your platform's time zone. Here we go: 

Multiple Option Board tabs

You are able now to open multiple Option Board tabs simultaneously. 

To view the list of call and put option contracts and their prices, right-click on the needed option in the Instrument tree and choose Option Board. Next option you open in the Option Board won’t close the previously opened option but will be displayed in the new tab. Group button allows to display a list of 10 options that you have previously opened.

You can have a quick look at our video tutorial on opening multiple option boards.

Change your time zone

You can now adjust your time zone for your current location to keep your trades' times accurate. The default ATP time zone equals your host servers time zone. However, you can change time zone upon your needs. Go to the Settings module, click on General and select your time zone from the Time Zone drop-down menu. Click OK and restart the application to apply the change. Your ATP will now show the time based on the time you have chosen.

We’re hoping that these updates will enhance your trading experience and we’re excited to hear your feedback. Feel free to contact us via support@exante.eu and our customer support will respond directly.

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