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A3E EM High Yield Fund now available on EXANTE platform

A3E EM High Yield Fund now available on EXANTE platform

EXANTE, the leading Hedge Fund Marketplace, has just listed A3E High Yield fund onto its platform. 

The fund intends to achieve absolute return through investing in EM fixed income and FX by focusing mostly on CEE with a credit risk research driven strategy, with a strong bias towards investments in Eastern Europe and a possibility of further investments in other EM regions, such as Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.
The portfolio has a consistent short-average duration (less than 3 years) and employs a standalone EM Forex trading strategy. The investment objective is to achieve stable long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of emerging market financial instruments with relatively short. A combination of actively managed carry-trade and directional strategies to fixed income and currency instruments will be employed, utilising a moderate leverage but maintaining a consistently short duration.
From time to time, the A3E EM High Yield Fund plans to exploit inefficiencies in less liquid markets and use opportunities in disrupted and fragmented markets. The fund managers, having 60 years of combined experience in EM fixed income and FX markets, believe that a diversified, actively managed mix of hard currency and local currency, government and corporate instruments is an optimal recipe of risk and reward.
Units of the A3E EM High Yield Fund are available for trading on EXANTE's ATP as of today.
A3E EM High Yield Fund now available on EXANTE platform
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A joint financial stability board is being set up in the next few days between the Malta Financial Services Authority and the Central Bank with the objective to strengthen the resilience of the financial system and mitigate the build-up of systemic risk.

Germany, France and nine other euro zone countries got the go-ahead on Tuesday to start working on a financial transactions tax, a measure likely to unsettle banks and trading houses but which will please voters and could raise much-needed revenue.
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