Reflections on the Forbes Cyprus Future of FinTech Summit 2023

Reflections on the Forbes Cyprus Future of FinTech Summit 2023

EXANTE recently partnered with Forbes Cyprus for the Future of FinTech Summit 2023, an event that brought together over 1,000 industry leaders and professionals from all over the world.

Dimitris Zisimidis, Senior Account Manager at EXANTE, shared his experience: "The summit was well organised and set in a beautiful location, featuring high-level professionals discussing current and relevant topics."

"The diversity of participants—hailing from various local and international companies—added significant value to the event. Moreover, the Pine conference management application made networking seamless and effective," he added.

Fellow EXANTE Senior Account Manager Kirill Korneychuk said it was a highly valuable event. "I enjoyed re-engaging various contacts, making new ones and getting an up-to-date exchange of views, opinions and insights about the current stage of the industry".
"I was also glad to learn from the event organisers that they plan to hold this event in Cyprus again in future", he shared.

Our involvement highlighted our ongoing efforts to stay ahead in the world of financial technology and to build relationships with major industry players.

We are thrilled to have participated in such a dynamic and informative event. The high quality of discussions and client interactions made it an event we look forward to attending again next year. 

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