Eco-friendly Borsa Italiana

Eco-friendly Borsa Italiana

As we usually stress, one of the main advantages of trading with EXANTE is the simplicity of access to a variety of markets all over the world. We are happy to accompany you to the main US markets, guide you through Asian trading spots, or let you enjoy a variety of European assets. In our today’s overview we will give you a brief insight of one of the main European markets — Borsa Italiana, or Milan Stock Exchange.

Milan Stock Exchange can hardly be called a young market: in 2008 it celebrated its 200th anniversary. It has been the main Italian public market for almost two centuries until it was privatized in 1997, and then merged with the London Stock Exchange group in 2007 to create one of the largest groups in the world. The following year, 2008, the stock exchange got its current brand name Borsa Italiana SpA.

Borsa Italiana is now home to stocks of over 300 companies, and many of them are truly prominent and famous in the world. For example, in January 2016 the stock exchange welcomed Ferrari NV (RACE.MIL) to its top echelon (they are, however, not worth buying today, as analysts say.) Fiat, UniCredit, Parmalat, Luxottica and Campari are all residents of Milan Stock Exchange. Smaller or just not-so-well-known around the world, but still rather interesting companies have also found their place beside these world-famous brands.

Take Ambienthesis (ATH.MIL). This company specializes in remediation, environmental reclamation and treatment, recovery and disposal of special waste, hazardous and non-hazardous. It is hard to overestimate this activities in today’s environment. Ambienthesis owns and operates the plant site in Orbassano, the largest platform of such kind in Italy. Now it experiences a period of instability, having hit the 5-year minimum this February, but its price’s returns to the higher positions it as drastic as the falls.

The company's conceptual logo.


Another Borsa Italiana member, Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas, Enel (ENEL.MIL), has recently been granted a consensus rating of Buy. Founded in 1962, this company now specializes in green power and alternative energy (so, it’s another ecologically-concerned company in this overview.) It was the first company in Italy to open a carbon dioxide capture facility and collaborated with Renault to manufacture an electric car that located the nearest Enel charging point and retrieve information on its availability. Its environmentally favorable initiatives are paired with a rather stable market standing, normal P/E (around 16), and rising stock price, so it may become a nice option for ecologically committed investors.

Before and after: Enel branding.


Yet another ecologically-friendly company is former Kinexia (KNX.MIL), since October 2015 called Gruppo Waste Italia (WIG.MIL). The company’s mission is exciting: it aims to turn homes, industries or cities zero impact entities from the environmental point of view by all-round introduction of renewable energy, zero waste and sustainable development principles. Despite the mission, the company’s stocks are, however, at their all-time minimums. But who knows, maybe they will introduce something revolutionary soon.

This is what Gruppo Waste Italia produces following its mission.

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