EXANTE attends the InvestPro Georgia Tbilisi 2024

EXANTE attends the InvestPro Georgia Tbilisi 2024

EXANTE will attend the InvestPro Georgia Tbilisi 2024 conference, which will take place on July 2 in Georgia's vibrant capital.

InvestPro Georgia Tbilisi 2024 brings together top-tier experts from around the globe to share their insights and foster partnerships across various sectors, including real estate, international tax structuring, corporate finance, wealth management, as well as international trade and investments. 

Georgia's current economic landscape presents an attractive environment for foreign investments and private sector ventures. With a tiered tax system, advantageous free trade agreements, and well-developed transportation infrastructure, Georgia emerges as a strategic hub for companies aiming to access the Caucasus regional market and beyond.

We are excited to connect with 200+ delegates, including top management, business owners, entrepreneurs, private investors, financial advisors, legal professionals, and representatives from large and medium-sized trading and commercial companies, among others.

Learn more about the event: https://bosco-conference.com/en/conference/2024/investpro-georgia-tbilisi-2024

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