EXANTE Webinar (In Italian): Surplus Liquidity on Bank Accounts

EXANTE Webinar (In Italian): Surplus Liquidity on Bank Accounts

Join us for the third webinar in EXANTE’s ‘Future of Finance’ series ‒ Surplus Liquidity on Bank Accounts. This time, in Italian!

On June 4th, our team of experts will explore why European citizens are accumulating more and more liquidity on their current bank accounts. Is this trend here to stay? How will the industry respond? Sign up to this Italian-language webinar and send us your questions in advance!

Here’s the preliminary agenda:

  • Are Italians holding their cash due to the lack of investment alternatives?
  • Has the global pandemic increased uncertainty about the future?
  • Will bank deposits predominate, and for how long?

Our celebrated speakers will provide their answers:

  • Giampaolo Parigi, Chairman, Parigi Family Office, New York
  • Sergio Mottola, Managing Partner, MAD Capital
  • Dr. Laura Fabbri, Certified Public Accountant

Moderator: Enrico Cecere, Senior Account Manager, EXANTE Italy

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