EXANTE Android trading application: what's new?

Version 3.13.26

released on January, 15

Get a better grasp of all application features with hints;

Switch the application to the new dark theme;

Try out enhanced crosshair cursor on the Chart;

Check instrument descriptions right in the Instrument Tree tab;

Close positions at market price even if an instrument is on schedule break;

Version 3.12.15

released on December, 1

Show and hide Cash Balance in the Summary;

Set Chart style, elements visibility, add indicators in the new Chart Settings;

Check confirmation message details when placing, replacing or cancelling orders;

Enjoy new experience when swiping to add or remove instruments to the Quotes;

Version 3.11.9

released on October, 24

Long tap to see Instrument Info in the Quote Monitor;

Underlying information has been added to the Instrument Info;

Long tap to see Order Info in the Current Orders;

Reject reasons has been added to the Order Info;

Margin Utilization bar has been slightly changed;

Version 3.10.9

released on October, 2

Long tap to see position details in the Account Summary;

Turn filtration by account in Settings on to see only orders and notifications you want;

Place orders even when an instrument is on the Schedule Break;

Know beforehand if shorting is not allowed for an instrument;

Check out hints to get better grasp on what you can do with EXANTE trading platform for Android;

Version 3.9.10

released on September, 4

An ability to replace working orders from the Orders tab has been added;

Current bid/ask prices are shown in the Order replacement window;

Position info is shown in a confirmation popup when cancelling or closing the position;

Settings confirmation wording has been slightly changed;

Stop Limit Orders support has been added;

All cryptocurrencies have been spinned off to the new instruments Group: Crypto;

Group icons are rectangles now instead of circles;

A visual distinction between exchanges and instruments in Search has become apparent;

Environment color coding has been added: Blue for Demo, Green for Live;

Default chart timeframe has been set to 1 hour.

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EXANTE dona $1 milione a sostegno dei bambini in Ucraina

EXANTE ha donato $1 milione per l'intervento d'emergenza dell'UNICEF a sostegno di bambini e famiglie vulnerabili colpite dalla crisi in corso in Ucraina e di coloro che si sono rifugiati nei Paesi vicini.