Financial market experts shared their insight into the best hedge funds with EXANTE clients

Financial market experts shared their insight into the best hedge funds with EXANTE clients

Last Thursday more than 70 people joined our discussion despite the rather cold autumn winds. We have prepared a few interesting discussions on important topics for this event. Investment expert Vladimir Levchenko shared his insight into the macroeconomic situation, while hedge fund managers Dmitry Sibirkin and Dmitry Krutik presented their assessment of relevant issues.

They talked about the expectations of the market and shared their opinion on the change of investors’ mood. According to them, commodity markets are becoming the most profitable investment direction, with particularly strong positions being enjoyed by gold, silver, soy, and coffee. The latter was generally called the driving force of the industry due to the increase in its production costs.

"Understanding where we are now is an important moment for the investor. We live in a global world where the growth of global companies is very limited – they have already come to all major cities, which are almost the same everywhere: the same skyscrapers, the same brands. The crisis comes at a time when the world is pushing the limits of its own expansion, and redistribution is needed. To catch this moment and to use it correctly, is the main task of the investor", said Vladimir Levchenko.

Fund managers expect that the S&P 500 will collapse and observe a decrease in agitation around digital assets. At the beginning of this year, EXANTE added 5 new cryptocurrencies to give our clients an option to move into a long position on less known altcoins. The opportunity to trade futures on the bitcoin in the fall of 2018 was the reason for increased interest from new clients.

"This is our first experience in this format with EXANTE. It was nice to see that a large number of guests had gathered. In the first part of the event, we talked about our Fund and its strategies, as well as what is happening in the financial markets now. In the second part, we had the opportunity to talk with guests over a glass of wine and answer all questions in an informal atmosphere. I hope such wonderful meetings will become a tradition", Dmitry Krutik shared his impressions.

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