Exantech Business seminar: investing into cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Exantech Business seminar: investing into cryptocurrencies and blockchain

On May 30, we held the second Exantech Business seminar in Cyprus, featuring leading experts in finance, fund management and cryptocurrency investing.

The speakers' panel from left to right: Theodosis Mourouzis, Yiannis Menelaou, Konstantin Orlov, Gregory Klumov and Evgeniy Vlasov

'One of the most educating and informative conferences I attended in Cyprus. Well done!' – George Agathangelou, VP of Business Development, 7Marketz Inc.

'A well-organized event that shed some light on blockchain and ICOs to those without significant experience. Not only we managed to get a better understanding of how blockchain works, but we also managed to understand how our organization can benefit from it. Last but not least, the speakers were true leaders in their field and it was great to get their advice' – Marios Antoniou, Head Of Dealing On Own Account.

At the seminar, leading blockchain experts – Janis Menelau, the executive director of Lykke Group, and Theodosis Mourouzis, the program director of the Cyprus International Institute of Management, spoke on the principles of blockchain processes and mused on the possibilities of its application in business.

CEO of Comino Evgeniy Vlasov

Also, the guests got the chance to see the world’s first GPU mining device with liquid cooling Comino, while Comino’s CEO Evgeniy Vlasov explained the mechanics of how the device works and told about its profitability.

Andrea Michael, EXANTE vice president of sales

Cryptocurrency investing can be full of pitfalls for the newbies, so legal advice from Konstantin Orlov was right on point – he told the guests about legal peculiarities of the ICO’s. For those who want to convert cryptocurrencies to cash without hassle, Gregory Klumov of STASIS explained how to legally digitize financial assets in a secure and transparent way.

Konstantin Orlov, a specialist in international corporate and finance transactions

Gregory Klumov, the CEO of STASIS

Since it was a private event, we cannot share any materials, demonstrated at it. However, there are tons of great stuff on our SlideShare.

Curious about cryptocurrency investing? Follow the news and be sure to come to our events.

The information in this text is provided to you for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any investments or related services that may be referenced here.

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