Check the details of your orders in the updated EXANTE trading applications

Check the details of your orders in the updated EXANTE trading applications

Download or update your EXANTE application, enjoy a new set of features.

On iOS-devices

Everything you wanted to know 

This latest update brings you the ability to check the position and order details on the go. Long tap on an item in the Summary or Orders tabs gives you its detailed info. A short tap moves you to the Chart just as it did before the update.

Confirmation messages now provide more information. Activate this option in the Settings and check quantity, side, limit and stop prices when placing, replacing or cancelling orders.

The simpler the better

From now on you’ll see short descriptions of bonds and stocks right in the Instruments list. We hope that this prevents you from wasting time when looking for the instrument.

Clients with access to the several accounts will see only active orders related to the current account on the Chart. Please note that the "Filter orders and notifications by current account" option does not affect this at all.

Minimize losses and protect profits

Stop Limit orders are finally available in our iOS application! Say, you are trading on a fast-moving market such as a cryptocurrency exchange. You might want to place Stop Limit to reduce possible losses. This will protect you when an unexpected price turn happens.

At the avant-garde of technology

Finally, there is good news for those who live on the cutting edge of technological progress. We adapted the application’s interface for the borderless screen of the new iPhone X, so that it fits perfectly and looks great. Try it out yourself.

Android app

Line, bar or candle?

Have you ever wanted to change the way charts look in the Android EXANTE trading application? Now you can do that with a single tap! Go to the Chart and press the gear icon in the top right corner to open Chart Settings. There you can either choose bars, lines or OHLC candles for chart representation; show or hide trades and orders on your charts or customize Indicators.

Everything you need to know

It is worthwhile to take a look at the ‘regular’ Settings section where we added another option. By checking/unchecking "Show cash" you can show or hide the Cash Balance section in the Summary tab. If you want to add cash to the Quote Monitor, you have to use the "Update Instruments" button in the Settings.

Confirmation messages now provide more information, too. Check quantity, side, limit and stop prices when placing, replacing or cancelling orders.

Notice the difference

We improved the look and the feel of the Instruments tab. We got all the instruments together on one page so it’s easier to navigate and we simplified the add/remove swipe gesture. Try it yourself!

Did you notice that the instrument icon had changed as well, becoming a circle? Or that the price units now appear on the trade screen? If you noticed, you have a great eye for details!

Update the app now to see all the awesome features and trade with EXANTE wherever you are!

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