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Margin Report and other updates of EXANTE terminal

Margin Report and other updates of EXANTE terminal


Here is another set of updates for EXANTE trading platform that will make your trading experience more convenient.

New module: Margin Report

Even if you do not trade on big leverage, a portion of the funds in your account is still used for margin. We have implemented a new module in EXANTE trading platform, Margin Report, in order to track not only the total sum and proportion of leverage, but also the entire structure of the current margin.

To open this module, click on your account number and choose Margin Report in the context menu. Let’s do it, for example, in the Chart window.


When opened, you will see the following window:

This table shows how much money is reserved for each asset you own. Note that these sums are not proportional to the asset prices. Here, for example, the price of the BTC.EXANTE fund shares, $49,600, consists by half from the margin — $25,644. The cheap BRNT.LSE, in its turn, that costs about $400, add up only $85 to the margin size.

On the other hand, the price of a cheap stock may consist from margin by a bigger part. Besides that, the report shows the joint portfolio margin for some instruments. It can be seen in the screenshot — look at the oil futures CL.NYMEX. Some of them are shorted, some are in a long position. These instruments cross-insure the other’s risks, so the joint margin for them is lower than the total of the margins if used separately.

Why is the Margin Report useful?

The margin report helps in risky trading when you use leverage. If you know which instruments require the biggest margin, you can sell them right in time to avoid margin call. Moreover, using margin implies commissions that depend on the currency rates. The size of these commissions is listed in the clients area. If the largest part of the margin is generated by currencies with higher commissions (say, Russian rubles,) it is worth decreasing the number of such assets, or making sure you have the corresponding amount of cash in this currency in the account.

The report can be sorted by the currency (CCY), margin size (Margin), or by the underlying assets of derivatives. The Underlying column is hidden by default, but you can add it by clicking the button in the right upper corner of the module.

Open Positions

We added two new columns: P&L % that shows profit or loss in percent of the overall investment, and indicators of the trading period (may be either Active or Schedule break) which were previously available only on the charts and in the orders module.

Multi Account Trading (MAT)

First of all, two new columns, Long and Short, have been added to MAT for your convenience. But the greater news is that now the quantity of your orders is automatically reflected according to the current positions you hold in each account. Just drag the instrument to MAT, click on the Position button and see the quantity. The substitution of the assets number is available only for positions of one type, either buy or sell. 

These are the main updates for today. We are always glad to get your questions and suggestions about our trading platform performance, so feel free to contact us at

Good luck in trading!

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