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Our ambition is to always be at the leading edge in the field of brokerage. We are committed to constantly reappraising ourselves and further developing our business model to ensure we remain assured and confident in an ever-changing landscape.
Mr Dainis  Rozenfelds
Mr Dainis Rozenfelds

Throughout the last 10 years, Dainis has been involved in the wealth management services for HNWI as a Senior Wealth Manager. Dainis has an MBA degree from Riseba University in Latvia amongst other academic qualifications.

Ms Marina  Zaremba
Ms Marina Zaremba

Marina holds a Master's degree in Economics and Management from the State University of Latvia. She started her career in JSC Rietumu Bank being responsible for AML programs' implementation. Certified in Anti-Money laundering by ACAMS. 

Mr Bruno Cakans
Mr Bruno Cakans

Bruno is CFO of EXANTE. He has been the Director of numerous companies and has a strong background in Accountancy and Analytics. He is based in EXANTE's office in Malta and works closely with our auditing team at KPMG in making sure all reports are accurate and fully coherent with all regulations.

Mr Patrick  O'Brien
Mr Patrick O'Brien

Patrick joined EXANTE in 2012 as Communication Director. He is responsible for the company's Communication Department which oversees Business Relations, Content and Partnerships. Patrick is a weekly contributor for The Times of Malta, The Mail and Money Magazine. Having won Journalist of the Year in 2014, he is the EXANTE's spokeperson on The President's Committee which raises fund for local charities in Malta.

EXANTE is a broker for professionals. Direct access to over 50 financial markets through one account.
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