EXANTE’s PR Manager Volunteers for Age Concern as Part of EXANTE’s COVID Programme

EXANTE’s PR Manager Volunteers for Age Concern as Part of EXANTE’s COVID Programme

As part of the EXANTE COVID-19 volunteer programme, Simona Stankovska, Global PR manager for EXANTE, will be supporting Age Concern Merstham Redhill & Reigate charity with its PR activities on a pro-bono basis.

With 6 years’ experience in PR and marketing under the belt, Simona will volunteer one day a week whilst on full pay from EXANTE.

She was matched with Age Concern through The Community PR Initiative conceived by media agency Roxhill in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Based in Merstham, Surrey, Age Concern Redhill & Reigate is an independent local charity. It  has been helping older people of the borough for over 60 years. Age Concern  aims  to promote the well-being of all locals over the age of 50 and help them live independently in their homes. 

As a result of the coronavirus spreading, the charity’s services are required more than ever. Simona will help the charity to reach out to any senior residents who might require support during this difficult time. She’ll also manage Age Concern’s  social media strategy and help them raise funds in order to keep operating.

Sandy Featherstonhaugh, Business Manager at Age Concern said: “We need help with PR because otherwise we may not have a charity to come back to when all of this COVID-19 business is over.”

She added: “We’ve never been able to afford an in-house PR and have therefore never been able to raise our profile. When I saw The Community PR Initiative I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to see how having a PR professional as part of the team could benefit us.”

Simona said: “I am delighted to be working with Age Concern MMR and looking forward to helping the charity to develop its PR strategy in order to navigate these uncertain times. I am extremely grateful to my employer EXANTE for making this possible and allowing me the time off to volunteer. Volunteering has always been a part of who I am. I enjoy learning new skills, meeting new people, and driving results.”

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