EXANTE Shares Experience with International Students

EXANTE Shares Experience with International Students

February 20, 2020, was a special day for students of RISEBA University in Riga. Project Manager of the EXANTE Investor League Sviatlana Harnouskaya visited International Business Programme students with a short lecture on demo trading opportunities within the course of Investments and Financial Markets.

The lecturer dwelled upon the benefits of the EXANTE trading platform and the demo area. According to an Investopedia survey, high-income investment-savvy millennials are five times more likely (73% vs. 14%) to make their own investment decisions, whereas only 37% of them actually feel knowledgeable enough to do so. Demo opportunities to practice their strategies and try their hand in the real markets with real instruments are exactly what students all over the world are looking for.

These are the perks of the EXANTE demo trading platform:

  • 24/7 support with live chat
  • Fast access to the web version of the platform - with no registration required
  • Multiple subaccounts available for one user to test different strategies simultaneously
  • Quotes from the real markets on a variety of instruments including free live quotes
  • Possibility of trading from every device
  • Live platform features: charts with actual historical data, indicators, all types of orders

The audience showed their interest in the EXANTE services. Most participants are ready to join the EXANTE Investor Leagues in the future!

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