EXANTE launches the Horizon series at the London Stock Exchange

EXANTE launches the Horizon series at the London Stock Exchange

In January 2023, EXANTE launched Horizon – a programme of events, reports and market analysis, bringing together an international panel of financial experts to uncover investment opportunities for our professional and institutional investors. Our first destination was London.

We hosted a discussion at the London Stock Exchange and asked four leading industry analysts: ‘What’s on the horizon for the financial markets in 2023?’

According to Arnab Das this year we ‘must be more concerned with risk management than with return seeking.’

Bryn Jones thinks the year 2023 will focus on quality and systemically important businesses.

For renowned David Buik, the key to success is to stock pick and sector pick.

Nick Kissack thinks 2023 is going to be tactically bearish, focusing on defensive sectors.

Key takeaways

Despite 2022 seeing stock and bond markets at their lowest levels since the 2008 global financial crisis and inflation at a 40-year high, our panel sees several investment trends over 2023:

  • Portfolio diversification becomes key to higher returns
  • Caution for equities in 2023 with a move towards quality stocks
  • Debt concerns grow in Europe, UK and US making bond yields look attractive
  • Commodities are still an opportunity, but becoming a more complicated game to play

Watch the full panel discussion and learn more about what 2023 holds in store.

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