EXANTE offers an ample selection of bonds ranging from liquid corporate and government bonds, exchange-traded and OTC, up to exclusive private placements in both developed and emerging markets.

Use our free Bond Screener provided by EXANTE to pick up the best bonds from our extensive listing.

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Rates & commissions

Broad selection

High scalability

Sky’s the limit! Access any of the 400,000 bonds worldwide on demand.

Exotics upon request

We’ll go the extra mile to add more offerings from exotic markets upon request.

Top-tier and emerging markets

Corporate and government bonds from the developed and developing markets.

The full pack for professional traders

Premium service

Allocated personal trader from 500K

Safe transactions

In partnership with tier 1 clearing agents.

Bonds in leveraged trading

Use bonds as collateral for leveraged trading in multiple asset classes: cash, stock, commodities and more

Easy hedging

Hedge your bonds with futures, options, ETFs and FX conversions

Exclusive private placements

Access high-yield private placement bonds unavailable in the general market

Committed to the highest QoS, the EXANTE team is available 24/7 for any type of queries. EXANTE customers enjoy multi-language support in English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and other languages.

Operational flexibility

Financing under assets

Based on individual risk assessment, EXANTE may provide financing equivalent to open date repo with variable interests for borrowed cash. You can find interest rates for negative cash in your account cabinet.

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