The EXANTEN party continued in Kyiv

The EXANTEN party continued in Kyiv

Our 10th anniversary celebration, EXANTEN, continued on Friday, 17 September in Kyiv, Ukraine where 120 guests joined us for a reception featuring live music and birthday cake.

The reception, hosted by Alexey Kirienko, Managing Partner at EXANTE, and Vladimir Pozniy, Head of EXANTE Ukraine, included a presentation by Vadim Pogosyan, Director of Business Development at Alfa Asset Management (Europe) S.A., on the promising investment strategies amid rising inflation.

Since 2018 EXANTE has been giving Ukrainian investors access to 50+ global markets and hundreds of thousands of instruments, all of which can be managed from a single multi-currency account. EXANTE provides all our Ukrainian clients with a dedicated manager and 24/7 support in Ukrainian and Russian. 

Our next EXANTEN party destination is Russia. The EXANTE team and special guests will be celebrating in Moscow on 23 September 2021.


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