EXANTE attends InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2024

EXANTE attends InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2024

EXANTE looks forward to attending the annual international B2C conference InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2024, which will take place on June 27, 2024, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2024 is a unique platform that fosters interaction between top managers, entrepreneurs, investors, legal professionals, bankers and wealth managers, representing the most influential voices in the financial sector across Central Asia.

Kazakhstan's geographical location, serving as a crucial land corridor between China and Europe, has positioned it as an essential player in the regional economic landscape. The country has bolstered its appeal to global businesses seeking new opportunities through ambitious reforms and targeted tax incentives. Moreover, its integral role in China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has further amplified its influence on regional and global trade dynamics.

Join us in discussions about the latest innovations and investment opportunities in the ever-evolving markets.

Read more about the event: https://bosco-conference.com/en/conference/2024/investpro-kazakhstan-almaty-2024.

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