EXANTE attends InvestPro Cyprus Limassol 2024

EXANTE attends InvestPro Cyprus Limassol 2024

EXANTE is excited to attend the upcoming InvestPro Cyprus Limassol 2024 conference, on May 27 in Cyprus. 

The event serves as a premier forum for leading companies and financial institutions across the CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, who will share practical insights and strategies aimed at fostering growth in the fintech & blockchain industries. 

The conference will bring together over 200 delegates, representing top management representatives, entrepreneurs, and experts from various fields, including finance, law, taxation, and wealth management.

Cyprus benefits from its strategic location and favorable business environment, and has become an increasingly attractive destination for investors worldwide. With its membership in the EU, low corporate tax rates, and robust legal framework, Cyprus offers numerous advantages for businesses and individuals seeking to expand opportunities.

More information: https://bosco-conference.com/en/conference/2024/investpro-cyprus-limassol-2024

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