EXANTE Investor League: First Trading Simulation Becomes a Hit with Students


The inaugural EXANTE and Amplify trading simulation took place on Wednesday, February 26th. The event brought  students from universities as far afield as Dundee up to its central Birmingham venue.

Simona Stankovska, EXANTE’s Global Head of Public Relations, opened the event with a brief introduction to EXANTE’s inter-university trading competition - the EXANTE Investor League. The League is now open for registration. The 12-day trading competition officially starts on March 16th.

At the meetup, Alexander Vidler at Amplify performed a three-hour trading simulation. In fact, the world’s largest investment banks use the same simulator to get their new hires desk-ready.

The simulation helped students to develop a profound understanding of the roles and objectives on an investment bank trading floor. Students had a chance to  test their skills as a hedge fund manager, sales trader and market maker.

The interactive practical session challenged the students to quickly respond to the ever-changing market events. Amplify’s Head of Markets Anthony Cheung provided clear video information to help them in decision-making. 

Each student received immediate feedback from the platform and was able to monitor their own performance against other students in the room. Tangible record for future employers!

The event garnered loads of positive feedback and inspiration. The students are now excited to learn about the future events.

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