The all powerful dollar, the ECB’s hawkish tone, the BoE’s forced move, and Crypto benefitting from regulators.

The Fed raises rates, Europe aims for energy security, the BoE’s move, and Crypto gets a new custodian.

US inflation hopes dashed, Europe’s energy worries, the UK’s recession balance, and the crypto world changed.

Energy crisis talks in Europe, a determined Fed, an aggressive ECB, and the UK mourns for Queen Elizabeth II.

Markets surged following softer than expected inflation data but the Fed is still talking tough.

Markets remained generally upwards as tensions between the US and China rose following China’s military exercises this week in Taiwan’s coastal waters.

Markets were up on earnings and easing rate rise expectations, but rising energy prices in Europe may lead to recession.

US stock markets rallied this past week due to largely good earning reports while Europe burned from a heatwave and political turmoil 

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EXANTE věnuje 1 milion dolarů na podporu dětí na Ukrajině

EXANTE věnovala 1 milion dolarů na nouzovou reakci UNICEF na podporu ohrožených dětí a rodin zasažených pokračující krizí na Ukrajině a těm, kteří uprchli do sousedních zemí.