EXANTE + MS Excel: algotrading for everyone

EXANTE + MS Excel: algotrading for everyone


Algorithmic trading is a very promising streamline in trading, especially when it comes to managing long positions. Instead of watching charts and quotes for hours in anticipation of perfect market conditions to set an order, traders create algorithms that overtake these routine operations. Moreover, if automated, the assessment of conditions is much more precise: the human eye cannot perceive minor fluctuations, and in many cases perfect conditions do not last long.

To those who have never tried programming, using algorithmic trading seems to be too hard — or sometimes even impossible. For these cases we have developed a special instrument that allows creating trading robots in one of the easiest forms — in the form of Excel macros. 

Excel supports all COM-compatible programming languages and, in particular, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is a rather simple programming language that can easily be mastered (to the sufficient degree) by anyone in a few days.

In order to start trading in Excel, if you already have an account at EXANTE, please first of all download the installation file suitable for your operating system. At the moment Excel automatization is only available for Windows.

After the successful installation, let’s first of all try to display current quotes and volumes in the Excel window. For that, use the RTD function (the name may differ according to the localization of your MS Excel). You can download data on any instrument available in the EXANTE terminal, you should only know its ExanteID (the name displayed in the Instruments tree of the terminal). For example,


You can now try to obtain quotes (bid, ask) and/or volumes (bid_size, ask_size) for the instruments interesting to you.

With the help of the RTD function you can also display the current state of your account and your open positions. For the detailed description, please refer to our user manual.

More interesting opportunities of automatization, and the algotrading in Excel itself, is also described in the user manual. There you can find information on how to automate market, limit and stop orders, and how to set their parameters.

Once you start learning VBA, you will be surprised how many automatization opportunities Excel offers to you. With EXANTE and Excel integration, you will have much more capabilities for successful trading. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to address our support team: support@exante.eu. We are always happy to make your trading experience a little bit easier!

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