Dividend aristocrats

Dividend aristocrats


This ranking, like the previous one, is devoted to the companies who pay high dividends on their stocks. However, while the rating of Dividend Giants included companies with capitalization of more than $25B and highest dividend rates in 2015, this time we will also explore smaller companies, but only if they proved they are stable in dividend payment. For that we will use S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats index, which is based on the general S&P 500,  but includes only the companies that have increased their dividend rates for the last 25 years. Today the American market hosts 54 companies of this kind, they are not just dividend payers. They are stable and secure, and can be used for long-term investments. We have chosen 7 companies that have shown the highest dividend rates last year.

Of course, the rates presented in this ranking are not as high as in the Dividend Giants list, but here investors express more confidence in the fact that the companies will continue paying dividends in the future. Moreover, these company’s share prices tend to grow more stably over the years.

All of the listed company are founded in the USA and are traded on New York Stock Exchange. Apart from being listed in S&P 500 and S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats, some of them are also included into the Dow Jones index and Global Dow. All the data are stated in the US dollars.


1. Health Care Property Investors

  • Ticker: HCP
  • Capitalization: $18B
  • Annual turnover: $2.3B
  • P/E: 48
  • Annual dividend income: 5.9%
  • Years of dividend growth: 29

Hoag Hospital Irvine, one of the numerous hospitals opened with the help of HCP.

This company is rather specific and not really well-known outside the US. It specializes in real estate investments for the US medical organizations. Nevertheless, it is one of the largest companies in the United States. It exists since 1985 and pays dividends every year since its foundation.

1 hcp копия.jpg

The HCP stock price is a little bit less stable than its dividends. In the due course of the crisis in 2008 it fell by half — the recovery was rather quick.


2. American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T)

  • Ticker: T
  • Capitalization: $206B
  • Annual turnover: $132B
  • P/E: 33
  • Annual dividend income: 5.6%
  • Years of dividend growth: 30

Alexander Bell testing one of the first models of his phone (1870s).

This world-famous telecommunication company was founded in 1885 by Alexander Bell, the inventor of the first telephone. The company remained a monopoly on the US market for a very long time. Today it provides telephony, Internet, TV and other telecom services.

2 t копия.jpg

The highest stock price was achieved in 2007. It fell by half during the following year and reached a positive trend in 2009.


3. Chevron

  • Ticker: CVX
  • Capitalization: $169B
  • Annual turnover: $200B
  • P/E: 14
  • Annual dividend income: 4.8%
  • Years of dividend growth: 29

Depicts one of Chevron’s production platforms.

One of the largest transnational energy companies in the world that extracts oil on a great number of sites. The company also owns a number of oil processing plants, as well as a vast petrol station network. Chevron was founded in 1879 as Pacific Coast Oil Company. At the moment it is included into Dow Jones and Global Dow indices.

3 cvx копия.jpg

The stocks demonstrate a long-run growing trend, though it has several local minimums.


4. Emerson Electric

  • Ticker: EMR
  • Capitalization: $31B
  • Annual turnover: $25B
  • P/E: 13
  • Annual dividend income: 4%
  • Years of dividend growth: 29

Stuart Symington, the most well-known director of Emerson Electric.

This instrument-making company produces a wide range of product for both industrial needs and private customers. It was founded in 1890 and first produces electric fans, dental drills and sewing machines. During the World War II the company provided services for airplane building and was listed among the 100 companies that made the greatest contribution to the US military forces. The head of the company, Stuart Symington, became the Secretary of the Air Force and even took part in the Presidential elections.

5 emr копия.jpg

The share prices completely recovered by 2010 after the crisis of 2008, and in 2013 they beat the old record. Today they are traded on the level of ca. 2012.


5. Consolidated Edison

  • Ticker: ED
  • Capitalization: $19B
  • Annual turnover: $12B
  • P/E: 17
  • Annual dividend income: 4%
  • Years of dividend growth: 40

Turbine room of a Consolidated Edison’s New York power station, end of 19th century.

One of the oldest and most famous American companies. Founded in 1923 as New York Gas Light Company, today it provides services connected with energy resources — mostly with gas and steam.

6 ed копия.jpg

The company’s stocks are rather stable. Consolidated Edison did not suffer much in 2008, and in 2015 the prices reached the all-time maximum.


6. Abbvie

  • Ticker: ABBV
  • Capitalization: $88B
  • Annual turnover: $20B
  • P/E: 42
  • Annual dividend income: 3.8%
  • Years of dividend growth: 3

Humira, the most famous product of Abbvie.

Abbvie is a young pharmacological company founded in 2013. It became successful thanks to the invention of adalimumab (or Humira) that help treat some autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease. The sales of the treatment brought the company over $10B, which invoked interest of several investors.

4 abbv копия.jpg

The stocks rose rather steadily in 2013-2014, but 2015 brought them back to the level of 2014.


7. Exxon Mobil

  • Ticker: XOM
  • Capitalization: $343B
  • Annual turnover: $394B
  • P/E: 15
  • Annual dividend income: 3.6%
  • Years of dividend growth: 29

John Rockefeller, the most prominent billionaire of the beginning of the 20th century, the founder of Exxon Mobil’s predecessors.

The transnational petroleum corporation that became a direct successor of Standard Oil founded in 1870 by John Rockefeller. Exxon Mobil became a product of Exxon (Standard Oil Company of New Jersey) and Mobil (initially, Standard Oil Company of New York) merger in 1999. Today it is the largest private oil producer in the world operating mainly in the US, Canada and the Middle East. It is listed in Dow Jones and Global Dow indices.

7 xom копия.jpg

Exxon Mobil’s shares are traded between $60 and $100 for years. There is, however, a stable positive trend.

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