Several instruments on a single chart

Several instruments on a single chart

In our previous update we added the ability to built an indicative basket chart for the several instruments at once. The latest update aims to solve a similar task, letting you compare multiple charts in one window.

Multiple instruments charts

You can now follow multiple instruments on a single chart! Just hold Alt and drag’n’drop additional instruments to the chart from another window.

Customize the appearance and color of the additional graphs or remove the charts you don’t want to see any longer in the Indicators menu.

You can choose one of the three available modes of value axis display. The first one is "Use the main axis". In this case, all additional graphs will be displayed using the value axis scale of the original graph. Keep in mind that if the values of an additional graph are either much smaller or larger than the original’s, you may not see the second graph at all! You can make sure that the additional instruments were successfully added to the chart only by checking the legend in the lower left corner.

The second, and the recommended, option is "Extend the main axis." This allows the scale of the original chart’s value axis to change in order to accommodate any additional instruments. It is the default value axis mode. You can see an example below.

The third option is "Create a new axis", with two variations. When used on a chart with two instruments, this option will create an additional price value axis for the secondary graph in the left side of the chart.

In the case of three or more instruments all additional graphs will be overlayed on top of the original with no regard to the price.

Adding multiple instruments to a single chart will let you quickly compare them, all the while saving your precious monitor space as well as your time.

MAT orders

A long-requested feature we are now introducing is the ability to place Take Profit / Stop Loss orders when trading through the MAT window.

Basket Trader margin

And the last one for the latest update — hover your mouse cursor over Buy or Sell buttons in your Basket Trader to see margin delta in the lower right corner. This works even if the buttons are inactive for any reason.

Update EXANTE trading platform on your PC, Mac or Linux desktop up to 5.136.3 version to try all that new features!

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