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Trade in Zcash, Monero and Bitcoin Cash with EXANTE


We’re thrilled to offer you the best experience in cryptocurrency trading. Invest in Zcash, Monero and Bitcoin Cash — the classics of cryptocurrencies, due to its high capitalization and stable place on the market.

Back in 2012, we founded our own Bitcoin fund, which became the world’s first regulated way of trading Bitcoin or investing in it for long-term gain. We went further in 2017 and launched trading in other digital coins including Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

Now don’t need to create multiple cryptocurrency wallets which are often not well protected against hacking. All you need to trade these altcoins is now available at EXANTE, safe and sound.

As a result of the August split from Bitcoin, the newborn Bitcoin Cash has gained an enlarged block size which will help Bitcoin to cope with the rapidly growing number of transactions. On the second day of trading, Bitcoin Cash tripled in price and its market cap is now the third biggest of all digital currencies. Please note that if you had Bitcoin Fund shares on your account at the moment of the hard fork, you will receive an equal number of BCH shares shortly.

Zcash first launched in 2016 with a status of the most anonymous cryptocurrency. All payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and the amount of a transaction remain private. Go ahead to EXANTE platform, trading operations with Zcash are already on.

According to the recent data, Monero is sticking to the 8th position within the Top biggest digital currencies, which can denote the possibility of the growth of this currency. While others are just making predictions on what will happen next to the coin and the crypto market in general, you have a unique chance to put yourself into action. Open EXANTE trading platform and search for XMR among the Funds.

Grab your chance to buy BCH, ZEC and XMR, place Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. EXANTE commission for BCH, ZEC and XMR is similar to those of the EXANTE Bitcoin Fund — it is calculated as a percentage of the transaction (0.5%).


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