EXANTE Business Evening

EXANTE Business Evening

Riga's Culture Palace Ziemeļblāzma

A packed audience attended EXANTE first networking and Investment event in Riga this weekend. Clients who range from professional investors, investment service companies, brokerage companies, asset management companies, hedge funds and monetary financial institutions all heard from informative and renowned speakers both from Latvia and Malta.

The event was hosted by celebrity Valdis Melderis, while guests were greeted with music provided by the prominent string quartet lead by Raimonds Ozols, the 1st violin of the national opera. In attendance, Exante’s directors, Cliff Pace, Stock Exchange, Andre Zarb KPMG, Girts Rungainis of Prudentia, Stockholm School of Economics, where EXANTE is a partner, also attended as were all media interests.

Alexey Kirienko, EXANTE’s CEO, opened the evening with a welcoming speech praising the country for its incredible determination to succeed in hard times. Among the company’s directors was Gatis Eglitis who shared EXANTE’s history with the audience. George Grech, Head of EXANTE’s Trade desk gave an informative presentation on the company’s Automated Trading Platform and the many benefits it offers to its users.

Andre Zarb, partner at KMPG, and Cliff Pace, Development Director at Malta Stock exchange, represented the Maltese financial industry. Andre Zarb gave attendees practical advice on various tax aspects in Malta, while Cliff Pace shared his knowledge on the development of Malta Stock exchange.

Among local speakers were Girts Rungainis, Partner at Prudentia, who talked about the Baltic States economy and M&A activity within the region. “Latvia is one of the fastest growing economies in the EU, and from 2011 to 2013 the compound annual growth rate of GDP was 4.9%,” Girts stated. Rolands Feldmanis, Vice-Chairman at Latvian Business Angel Network, shared his view on regional investment opportunities, which was a topical subject for the attendees.

EXANTE Business Evening in Riga gathered 200 representatives from various financial institutions including Prudentia, Swedbank, ABLV, Baltic Credit Trading Group, Bank M2M Europe, BigBank and many others. During the event all guests had a unique opportunity to take part in Q&A session and address questions on various topics including EXANTE’s services and Maltese financial industry.

“EXANTE is excited that its first Business Evening in Riga was such a tremendous success and exceeded all expectations. We hope to continue and strengthen our presence in Latvia as well as in the Baltics overall, so this is surely not the last event EXANTE will host in the region,” said Patrick J O’ Brien, EXANTE’s communication director and award-winning journalist.

Many guests as well as speakers provided their positive feedback regarding the event.

“The event was great. I hope you’ll continue unveiling a story of EXANTE furthermore,” - Arkadijs Steihmans, Publishing Director Forbes.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity. If and when you have another event please count me in,” - André Zarb, Partner at KPMG and speaker at EXANTE Business Evening.

“My congratulations to your exciting and energetic team who made this happen,” Cliff Pace, Development Director at Malta Stock exchange and speaker at EXANTE Business Evening.


To get acquinted with the event's programme as well as speakers and their biographies, simply follow the below link: https://exante.eu/riga_event/

Photographs from EXANTE Business Evening in Riga published by LETA, Latvia’s main information agency, can be found via the following link

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