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Temple Asset Management lists its two Global Funds with EXANTE

EXANTE, the leading Hedge Fund Marketplace, has listed Temple Asset Management Limited onto its platfrom. The Temple Global Fund SICAV, consisting of the Global Innovation Fund and the Global Value Fund, is third Maltese fund to be listed on the ATP, employing the use of a Long Equity strategy.

The Temple Global Innovation Fund focuses on long-term capital growth via investments in a portfolio of international listed companies involved in energy innovation including lithium batteries and alternative power sources, electrical cars, solar, wind and nuclear energy generation. It may also invest in listed companies involved in bioscience and clean-water technology, and in other listed equities, debt instruments and in listed ETFs.

The Temple Global Value Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital growth via investments in an international basket of securities, such as equities, fixed-income securities and ETFs. It may also invest in inverse ETFs, particularly in markets or sectors that are deemed to be overvalued to the point of representing a significant possibility of falling value.

The Temple Global Innovation Fund and the Temple Global Value Funds are available for trading on EXANTE's ATP as of today.


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