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EXANTE is High Tech when it comes to FINANCE

EXANTE is High Tech when it comes to FINANCE

Since the advent of the earliest adding machines and mainframe computers, technology, and the innovations it has helped to bring about, has played an increasingly important role in the evolution of the financial services industry. Traditionally, the pace and impact of these technological advances has been gauged using easily quantifiable metrics such as storage capacity and processing speed.

Today, however, when it comes to the application and potential of technology in the financial services industry, we’re witnessing the emergence of a number of new and rapidly accelerating trends that promise to usher in an entirely new paradigm — one in which Information Technology (IT) is not simply an “add-on” at the periphery of the business function, but rather deeply embedded at its very core. The lines between what we’ve traditionally viewed as the “technology” part of an organisation and the rest of the business are blurring like never before.

For industry players, the business implications of this convergence will be impossible to ignore. In response to clients’ demands for more and faster information, greater transparency and improved risk management, providers are applying the vast computing power at their disposal toward an increasingly complex, sophisticated and integrated array of tasks. As a result, today’s investors are able to see detailed, nearly instantaneous views of their exposures and portfolios at any time. They’re able to consider billions of scenarios for millions of investment positions. And the models they’re considering are being built by an entirely new breed of financial practitioner — one who possesses a keen understanding not only of critical business processes, but also of the technology that drives them EXANTE’s is a prime example of how a successful brokerage firm with its head office in Malta and offices in Singapore, Russia and Amsterdam have amalgamated technology and finance within their company.

EXANTE has a unique platform with a fault tolerance mechanism equipped with amazing pre-trade risk check features. At the heart of EXANTE’s trading technology is its multifunctional Automated Trading Platform (ATP): a state-of-art tool for clients who can access many markets from one account. EXANTE developed ATP from scratch, without using any third-party solutions. ATP guarantees fast, stable and reliable performance. EXANTE ATP provides their clients with quick data feeds, fast data executions, and 24/7 tech support, clients can get these services using both: their trading terminal and FIX connection. In addition to trading on the ATP, their clients can also use it for the real-time monitoring of their account summaries margin utilisation and trades. EXANTE ATP supports the trading of all financial instruments provided by EXANTE.

EXANTE is at the forefront in making sure that’s its technology keeps ahead of its competitors, offering its client an experience which is second to none. Technology and the finance industry have shared an immensely productive relationship over the past few decades. Financial Services have led the development of digital service delivery models and addressed many of the challenges and risks that other sectors of the economy will face as they follow suit. As EXANTE’s develops its technology the scope of the products it can provide widens.

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