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Bogota Press — Prime time for next generation brokerage firm EXANTE in Bogota

Bogota Press — Prime time for next generation brokerage firm EXANTE in Bogota

There is little doubt that this will be a pivotal time for Colombian politics and for Colombian society as peace talks conclude and pre-election fever grows. But as much as the coming months have the potential to bring real change, this has been a prime time for financial businesses, investors and for Bogota: One of the most competitive cities, Bogota has an excellent climate for people like EXANTE to do business in Latin America, Bogota is ranked as one of Latin America’s leading business centres along with Sao Paulo, Miami, Santiago, Mexico City and Buenos Aires. According to the latest annual America Economia ranking in 2012, Bogota is the eighth best city to do business in Latin America.

In recent years, Bogota has received large amounts of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), mainly Greenfield and mergers and acquisitions. In fact, excluding oil and mining, Bogota attracts 78% of all FDI that arrives in Colombia, setting as one of the best cities to invest in LatinAmerica. EXANTE recently held a party with a difference at Castillo Del Mono Osorio in Bogota and invited the elite from the financial world after the managing partners who included Gatis Eglitis attended a Colombian Investors Forum in February.

Over the course of two days, more than 300 leaders from Colombia, broader Latin America and the global fund industry came together to engage in a discussion of asset allocation, regulatory change, portfolio diversification, due diligence and investment strategy across asset classes, including equities, private markets, hedge funds, debt, commodities, ETFs and real estate. EXANTE delegation went to the forum to discuss and market the benefits of EXANTE’s online financial trading platform and the advantages it would bring to the growth of the Columbian economy. The trading platform was designed entirely by EXANTE and is potentially a game-changer for the industry. Currently,

it has over 40 investment management companies, managing over 100 funds. The one-point-click model gives investors the opportunity to invest directly in those funds. More importantly, for hedge fund managers they can trade fast and efficiently, across asset classes, in addition to benefiting from the marketing opportunities that arise from listing and potentially attracting new investors. EXANTE Limited is based in Malta and was founded in March 2011 with the aim to give its clients access to a broad range of financial instruments and markets as well as access to EXANTEs in-depth research capabilities. EXANTE sees Columbia as a gateway to enter South America. Whilst most countries focus on develop markets, EXANTE wants to be part of Colombia’s fast growing economic market, and now seems the prime time for this brokerage firm to do this.

Bogota Press — Prime time for next generation brokerage firm EXANTE in Bogota
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EXANTE, Next Generation Prime Broker will hold its first award ceremony at The Four Season Ritz Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal on the 25th May 2013.

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