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Pernet von Ballmoos AG lists funds within EXANTE's institutional trading platform


Pernet von Ballmoos AG, a partnership company, is the latest Swiss addition to EXANTE's ever growing ATP.  After meeting up in Geneva in July, PvB AG decided that it would be of great benefit to add their funds to EXANTE's fund listing project.  In little over a month, PvB AG were successful in listing 4 funds; the Asset-Backed Securitiess Fund, the DB Rüd Blass Swiss Real Estate Fundthe Andante (G7) (K09 L Class) and the Andante (XG7) (K09 L Class).
The Asset-Backed Securities Fund is available to investors in two share classes; the S Class and A Class.  Tis fund  is a portfolio of more than 900 different loans, which gives the idea of a small bank.  Fund invests into 15--40 different CLO's with focus on Europe and the U.S.
The DB Rüd Blass Swiss Real Estate Fund is a fund of funds offering an attractive investment solution to indirectly participate in the long-term development of the Swiss Real Estate sector, in the context of a diversified, actively managed fund.
The Andante Funds are a conservative equity fund, boasting a consistent and stable volatility profile.  The funds are supervised by FINMA (Swiss Mutual fund) and available in three different currencies; Euro, CHF and USD.  The Andante G7 Fund invests in developed world equity markets.  It is available in USD (EUR, CHF - hedged).  Subscriptions are done monthly and redemptions quarterly.  The Andante X-G7 Fund on the other hand, iinvests in emerging markets, all markets not belonging to the G7 group.  An alternative to Single stocks/bonds in emerging markets and “long-only” emerging market funds.
Funds will be available on the live platform as of Monday 20th August.
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