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Malta Stock Exchange in EXANTE trading terminal

EXANTE has a long-standing relationship with the Maltese government. Last year in October of 2016, EXANTE became an official member of the MSE. We are happy to announce that you can now not only view MSE quotes in the EXANTE trading terminal, but trade them too!

This marks the first time quotes on MSE can be traded fully automatically, setting a major milestone in the history of the Exchange.

EXANTE’s Board of Directors with the chairman and executives of the MSE at the formal reception hosted to celebrate EXANTE’s membership

The Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) is a relative newcomer to stock exchange market, commencing its trading in 1992. Now, it is a fully-fledged, regulated and an effective venue to raise capital finance.

EXANTE trading platform offers cutting-edge trading experience, including support for algorithmic trading over FIX. This is why we are excited to introduce our clients to the technically advanced MSE, which will allow you to use EXANTE trading platform and your data wrangling expertise to their full potential. If you are new to algotrading, you can leverage the tight integration between EXANTE terminal and Microsoft Excel to test the waters before plunging in.

MSE has proven itself as a tech savvy exchange over its 25 years of trading. Its relatively smaller size made it nimble and quick to adopt new powerful technologies introduced to the financial sector since the turn of the century. You may be surprised that the Exchange provides the same kind of regulation transparency, high liquidity, anonymity, and reliability that you associate with Xetra.

Malta Stock Exchange is a hidden treasure yet to be discovered.

The Exchange’s development policy focuses on serving and developing its domestic market, while attracting new international companies.

MSE provides admission of financial instruments to its recognised listings which may subsequently be traded on a secondary market. The main participants in the market are Issuers, stockbrokers, and general investors. Maltese government has supported MSE since its inception, and a lion’s share of investments go towards government traded securities.

Trading on MSE may be interesting not only to active speculators, but also to traders looking for long-term investments. Malta has a great economic potential, ranking in top 10 countries by GDP growth.

In case you’re interested in trading an MSE instrument that is not available yet in our trading terminal, please contact your manager and we’ll add it. Commission fees for access to the MSE trading are charged as usual: 0.075% from volume with minimal fee of 6 EUR per order.

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