EXANTE to enable Bitcoin futures trading

EXANTE to enable Bitcoin futures trading

The possible launch of Bitcoin futures became the hottest financial news topic within the past few months. Finally, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, announced that the launch of derivatives is scheduled for the 18th of December 2017. 

In 2012, we launched a Bitcoin fund that allows our clients to easily invest in cryptocurrency. By 2017, the number of crypto funds at EXANTE has gone up to 10. Now, our clients will be among the first in the world who will be able to trade futures for Bitcoin. On the first day of trading, the new instrument will appear on the EXANTE platform in the Futures section.

CME in the Futures section on EXANTE platform

Meanwhile, another newsworthy event occurred at the end of November. The price of Bitcoin for the first time had passed the $10,000 mark. The growth dynamics are even more impressive considering that Bitcoin’s value has increased 10-fold within the past year. Currently, Bitcoin’s market capitalization exceeds $166 billion while its share in the cryptocurrency sector is at 65%. It is clear that the launch of futures on such a highly-demanded asset will increase its popularity even more.

EXANTE Bitcoin Fund hitting $10,000 mark

EXANTE clients will receive access to cryptocurrency futures trading simultaneously with American brokers. The company’s unique technological solutions coupled with professionalism and experience will provide its users a reliable and transparent trading process. For additional info, please contact your account manager, or call us 24/7.

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