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Gatis Eglitis speech at EXANTE's Business Breakfast, Malta

Speech by Gatis Eglitis, Executive Director and co-founder at Exante, during the company’s Corporate Business Breakfast on Malta.

“I am happy to see all of you at such an early hour despite the busy schedules. Today I will walk you through a brief history of our team and our dream which is EXANTE.

Exante story starts with a group of investment professionals that wanted to excel capital markets. At that time this company was called Global Hedge Capital Fund. As years past so did the growth of sophistication of requirements for service providers: global market reach, responsive service and transaction reliability - all were quite a challenge to get at that time. To brief you a little bit on those challenges I would like to draw an analogy.

You probably all remember the times when making a meal at home was quite a challenge too. You had to go to the baker to get bread, in order to get ham you needed to go to the butcher and so on. Even salt, sometimes, was also difficult to get for somebody. Today it is not a challenge anymore. You can obtain everything under one roof which is called supermarket. Supermarket gives us the convenience of shopping and saves our time. It works long hours for us, it has a wide product range and also gets you products from all around the globe: fresh and affordable. Unfortunately, this was not the case in the financial world few years ago. You had stocks, bonds, currency brokers under different roofs, you had to go to shop around London, New York, Tokyo etc. Make deals, negotiate and try to get the ingredients for your meal. This is where Exante dream starts. We decided to create a brokerage company that offers access to all the financial markets under one roof. The key of our success, of course, lies in technology.

In 2010 we started our brokerage platform, and in 2011 we became Maltese and obtained brokerage license in Malta. More offices followed: in 2012 we founded our office in Saint Petersburg, in 2013 - in Singapore and opened an office in Riga the same year. Today we now have 6 offices globally. On top of that, we have more than 160 servers in major trading centers. Our team is growing rapidly totaling at hundred employees. Client base is also expanding together with the trading volumes.

Our value proposition: we provide all products, you can literally trade all products on our platform, we offer access to more than 25+ exchanges with more than 35 000 instruments globally. You can trade currencies, futures, options, funds, fiduciary deposits, stocks, fixed-income - anything that you could only imagine to invest in. And this is all done from a single account on one balance sheet.

Additionally to this convenience of shopping, account opening is made easy as it takes less than a day to open an account and prepare the infrastructure for even the most sophisticated as well as complex strategies in the financial markets. Moreover, we have various platforms: customers can choose to trade either on Linux operating system, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even web. Those who have their own provided trading system can plug in to our global network, they do not have to worry about service, back-ups or contingency. They can just plug in the socket and get all the financial markets from one socket. And they can also request customers back off solutions - if it is a bank or a sophisticated trading house.

Our dream has become our clients' reality.”

To watch the full recorded video, please follow the link and do not forget to subscribe to Exante's YouTube channel to stay up to date on the video content.


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"We at EXANTE are passionate about innovation and in delivering a powerful, robust and importantly, a practical trading platform for our users. I believe the terms passion and innovation are not only congruent to Exante, but to our wonderful Malta as well," - George Grech, Head of Trading at Exante

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