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Time&Sales module and automatically calculated margin

Time&Sales module and automatically calculated margin


The holiday season has long been gone, but the festive mood is still there :) In January we have implemented several new features in our trading platform which, we hope, you will find useful.

New Time&Sales module

We added the ability to monitor the current sales of an instrument in the real time. In the new Time&Sales module you can see all instrument sales for several days, including the operation time, the price and size. This module can be evoked from an instrument’s context menu (right-click on its name). Time&Sales is so far available for those instruments that feature Trades history.

Greeks in Basket Trader

Another major update touched upon the Basket Trader. As you remember, this module comes in handy when you are going to deal with several instruments at a time, and want to control all deals in a perfect way. So, now you can customize the set of the columns you see in the Basket Trader table. It was done for a purpose: to let you fit another new feature onto the screen. That’s what we are driving at: our famous Greeks are now available in the Basket Trader!

Automatically calculated margin

Control literally everything when working with multiple orders, from prices and Greek coefficients to your personal parameters, e.g. margin requirements. The Basket Trader now automatically counts the required margin when you hover Buy or Sell buttons depending on the projected order details.

From now on, margin requirements are also automatically calculated in the Order and Click-Trade modules when you insert the order parameters.

Enjoy the total control and do not waste time on odd orders anymore — that’s what we call convenience!

Open Interest during Schedule Break

One more pleasant thing is that the Open Interest is now shown even if an instrument is on Schedule Break:

Just to remind you: in case you have any questions or ideas about how to make our platforms even better, please do not hesitate to address them to our Support team or your account manager.

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