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Price/margin for options and daily P&L

Price/margin for options and daily P&L


This weekend we have released an update for EXANTE trading platform. Update your version of the platform to 5.82.2, and you will be able to:

  • monitor the changes of your account’s daily P&L in real time,
  • configure the set of information displayed in the Account Summary to make it more convenient to you personally,
  • analyze the Price/Margin ratio of options to quickly assess the profitability of your projected option sale,
  • export data from the Option board o Excel or a text file with a single click.

Well, first things first.

Account Summary in EXANTE platform allows you to instantly evaluate the current state of your portfolio. In this module you can find all the main indicators for your account: the number of instruments of a particular type, their value in different currencies, automatically calculated current profit or loss (depending on the market conditions.)

The good news is that from now on, in addition to your current profit, we also calculate the estimated daily P&L in the real time. Previously, this indicator was only available for the account state review in past periods, while now you can instantly monitor the way it is changing. Add the daily P&L column to your Account Summary by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the module:

By the way, have you noticed that this icon appeared in the Account Summary? :) This means you can now hide all the columns that you are not using for some reasons: they will no longer bother you (if they ever did.)

We have also renamed Net Asset Value into Account Value: it definitely sounds more precise.

That’s pretty much it about the Account Summary for now, so let’s turn to the Option Board. 

Those who trade options will appreciate the new indicator we have implemented in this release, the Price/Margin ratio calculated for every strike. To find it in the terminal, click the icon in the right-upper corner of the Option Board:

For your own calculations, we have added one-click export of data from the Option Board to Excel or a text file. Find the  icon under the table in the module and choose what you want to do with the data. 

Finally, the third, quite a small update of the Option Board touched upon the underlying asset: now, by clicking on it with the right mouse button, you'll see the familiar context menu, from which you will be able to open this instrument in any desired module.

We are constantly developing our trading platform, introducing new features and making it more convenient. This week we are going to announce another important update of the Option Board (but tsssh, this is a big secret!) Follow our news and enjoy the most convenient trading platform in the market! It’s only one step away from you: just register and download it here!

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