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EXANTE Clients area: useful features
EXANTE Clients area: useful features


We continue sharing some small secrets of our products with you. One of our latest articles touched upon improving your experience with EXANTE ATP. Today we will try to remind you of several features hidden in the web version of the trading platform and in the clients area on EXANTE website. Please do not forget to sign in to follow the links in the article.

EXANTE web platform is a good alternative to the ATP when it comes to quick market analysis. It is especially helpful when it comes to applying technical analysis, while it supports a number of useful indicators and drawing instruments: from moving averages and Bollinger bands to Keltner or Donchian channels. The web platform also has an in-built newsfeed that helps track the latest news in the real time from a single window.

The web platform supports only the most essential modules, so it cannot be considered as a full-functioning substitute for EXANTE ATP, but it is really convenient for quick market analysis. It can be accessed through the Trading menu. In the Help section there is also a detailed user manual (the second part of the EXANTE ATP User manual is devoted to the web version.)


Our clients can obtain full information about the conditions of working with us in their Clients area. If you enter the Conditions section, you will see a complete list of the commissions applied by EXANTE to the conducted trades, and this list is not generic — it defines commission for every single instrument accessible with EXANTE. This section also contains info about interests and overnights. Absolute transparency, simple calculations and the absence of hidden commissions — this is what we can guarantee.

The submenu of Account — Reports — comes in handy when you need to make sure your trading strategy works well. In this section you can order reports on financial transactions, trades or just account summary in PDF or CSV. These reports will be created and sent to your email or FTP server automatically. If you want to get a report for a specific period, you can use the Create custom report menu and create a report that will meet your needs in full — including even the report currency.

For quicker analysis, go and check the Trades menu that comprises the most necessary information about your latest deals. Please take into account that the reports aggregate only the information about your live trades; no trades conducted on demo account are listed in the Clients area.

Some of our clients may appreciate our flexibility in sending newsletters and inquiries. You can add alternate emails and subscribe them to the news of a particular topic. You can opt for sending financial information to one email, while technical inquiries and organizational letters will be sent to another. In order to add complementary emails, go to the Settings section.

We hope that today's hints were helpful to you. We wish you a good weekend and, as usual, advise you not to hesitate to write to our Support team if you experience any difficulties.

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