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Top hints to make your ATP experience convenient
Top hints to make your ATP experience convenient


EXANTE Automated trading platform is a multifunctional tool designed for professional traders. The convenience of the software is highly appreciated among our clients: being partnered with us, they enjoy access to 25 markets all over the world with several thousands traded instruments, have a round-the-clock access to the support services, and much more.

For those who are only in the beginning of their way to the global market it is good to know that EXANTE ATP is ready to execute your trades literally from scratch.  You can make your first bid right after you enter your login and password, as since that moment all the necessary instruments and quotes will be at hand, and the most frequently used modules will be opened and conveniently positioned on the screen. The terminal does not require any mandatory further configuration.

Apart from the obviously convenient things about the platform, its user-friendly interface shadows several useful features that are often ignored by our clients (or they just do not know about them!). Today we will shed some light onto some of such features hidden in the desktop version of EXANTE ATP.


Hint 1

Do not forget that the desktop version of the ATP for Windows, OS X, and Linux allows you to open as many different modules as you want, and to arrange them in an arbitrary way. This means not only that you can always have all the necessary information at hand, but also that you can place the modules exactly in the way you want, including detaching them and dragging them to the second screen.

Hint 2

EXANTE terminal is based on the drag-and-drop concept, meaning that  you can always drag any instrument from the Instrument tree and drop it to any other module. This touches upon, however, not only the Instrument Tree, but also literally any module: you can drag and drop and instrument, say, from the Quote Monitor to the Market Depth, or from the Open Positions to the Chart.

Hint 3

An extremely useful feature that helps conduct a comprehensive assessment of the market situation is the ability to view several charts on one instrument with different time frames. Open a chart for the instrument you need, then open another chart for an arbitrary instrument by right-clicking its name in the Instrument Tree, after that drag and drop the instrument from the first chart to the second one, and set the necessary time frame.

Hint 4

The platform supports complicated filtering when it comes to table data in the Current Orders and the Basket Trader. The Option Board also supports flexibly customizable filtering by strike: with it you can easily explore discontinuous intervals of execution prices with a determined step.

Hint 5

Opening the usual modules like the Trade Blotter or the Option Board, click the icon in the right upper corner of the window. This way you can significantly broaden the amount of information displayed in the table. For example, you can turn on Open interest or Daily volume for the viewed options on the Option Board, or add P&L indicators on each transaction in the Trade Blotter.

Hint 6

EXANTE ATP simplifies the control over your trading strategy, as you can always assess the efficiency of each trading day. To do it, open the Account Summary, click on the calendar icon in the left lower corner and choose the date you are interested in. The information about your daily efficiency will be displayed in the Daily P&L field.


Just to sum it all up, let us give you probably the simplest, but the most frequently forgotten hint. On our website you can always find the EXANTE ATP User Manual. Take a look at that when you have some free time: maybe there are some other convenient features of our platform you have not discovered yet.

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