Better service for the best clients

Better service for the best clients


EXANTE team is striving to provide the best service to our clients. In the due course of trading our clients work with different parts of our team: when they open an account, they work with the due diligence department, while when withdrawing money, they interact with their personal manager. However, the first place to go when a customer experiences a problem is the support team – and that is this very department that is responsible for making the clients absolutely happy with their EXANTE experience. This is the reason why we are constantly improving  the service our support team offers – and we have already achieved positive results.

According to the recent report on our services quality provided by Zendesk, EXANTE support team replies to 75% of all of the customer requests within only two minutes. This means our clients are never in doubt, whether their needs are addressed or not.

Topping it off, even the most complicated requests never take us more than two days, while ¾ of issues and inquiries are solved within only 2 hours.

These impressive results were made possible thanks to increasing our team and developing elaborate business processes that cover customer requests resolution. We are highly concerned about what we are doing, so we dispose of multiple ways to control the quality of our performance, like regular reports and internal controlling tools.

Our efforts led to delighting results: not only have we increased the customer satisfaction level to 92.6% (according to the results of follow-up survey), but we have also achieved an unprecedentedly short response time throughout the technological companies, and made this indicator better than in 97.7% of cases in other companies.

However, although these 92.6% of satisfied customers is a rather high ratio, we are still heading towards the perfection. We care about our clients and want to make their experience with EXANTE flawless.  For this reason we kindly ask you to communicate all of your suggestions and concerns to our support team via You may rest assured that your feedback will be addressed within the times described here – or even faster.

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EXANTE donates $1m to support children in Ukraine

EXANTE has donated $1 million to UNICEF’s emergency response to support vulnerable children and families impacted by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and those who’ve fled to neighbouring countries.